Basic Modules: Rs. 25, 000 + GST

Advanced (Basics + Additional Modules): Rs. 35, 000 + GST

SAS is a corporate software suite created by SAS Institute. It is used in advanced analytics, predictive analytics, data management, business intelligence, and multivariate analytics. SAS enables us to efficiently analyze complex and large data sets and can be used for nearly any type of statistical modeling and analysis. It is also sufficiently strong to stay at the top of the analytics software heap.

In analyzing a company's big data and generating strong insights, SAS programming offers such an easy and efficient way that business users themselves can gain inferences from this whole method, thus offloading the IT department from this responsibility. SAS software allows businesses to detect trends, spot data connection, isolate outliers, recognize errors, uncover the key source of such differences, and come up with some fresh concepts and perspectives they were unaware of.

SAS software has proven itself to be the industry leader in creating real business intelligence. The SAS Institute is the largest private software company in the world. It is also the only seller to fully integrate massive data warehousing, analytics, and traditional BI apps to develop intelligence from huge quantities of data.

SAS has a major role to perform in analytics and big data in the future. George Institute of Data Science offers data analytics with SAS courses in Kolkata.

Why take this course?

  1. The major benefit of learning SAS is that it is a fourth generation language.  It provides an easy way to access multiple applications and GUI. It depends on user-written scripts or programs processed in order to understand what to do when requested. Since it is a script-based application, learning the rules and tricks of writing scripts is the key to being successful with SAS. It operates with huge data, generating graphs and reporting.

  2. Using other statistical packages, SAS can read data files. Therefore, SAS does not present any threat to experienced users of these statistical packages, since it is easy to convert data files created by these packages into SAS file format.

  3. SAS is diverse and effective enough for data analysis to fulfill your requirements. SAS is versatile, with a range of formats for input and output. It has multiple processes for types of statistical analysis that are descriptive, inferential and predictive. Since the SAS System is an advanced system with similar architecture provided by modules or products, you can simply transfer information to other modules once you master one module.

Learning Mode: Classroom 

Certification: George Institute of

Data Science


Analytics with SAS Basics:  62 Hours

Advanced (Basics + Additional Modules): 104 Hours

What you will get?

Industry Exposure

Application Oriented modules

Latest Technology and Tools

Interview Preparation

Placements Assistance

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