Data Visualization

Advance your career in data visualization by learning Microsoft’s Power BI tool. This Business Intelligence platform provides interactive visuals and reports by analyzing the data. This tool is useful to leverage data without possessing technical knowledge and reveals valuable insights to frame strategies and make informed decisions. 

Basic Modules: Rs. 25, 000 + GST

Intermediate (Basics + Additonal Modules) :Rs. 35, 000 + GST

Advanced (Intermediate + Additional Modules):Rs. 45, 000 + GST

Learning Mode: Classroom 

Certification: George Institute of

Data Science


Data Visualisation Basics:  62 Hours

Intermediate (Basics + Additional Modules): 90 Hours

Advanced (Intermediate + Additional Modules): 120 Hours

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is a pictorial or graphical format for presenting data. It allows decision-makers to see visually presented analytics, allowing them to grasp difficult concepts or to identify new patterns. By using data visualization tools to drill down into charts and graphs for more data, the idea can be evolved a stage further with interactive visualization, interactively altering what information you see and how it is processed.

Based on the way in which the human brain processes information, it is easier to visualize large amounts of complex data using charts or graphs than poring over spreadsheets or reports. Using data visualization techniques is a fast, simple way of conveying insights in a widespread way –and by creating small adjustments you can explore with various cases.

Why Take This Program?

Data Visualization tools also help in:​

  1. Identifying areas where focus or enhancement is needed.

  2. Obtaining factors that offer better perspectives to the client.

  3. Analysis and proper association of data and products.

  4. Predicting the volume of sales.                         


George Institute of Data Science offers data visualization courses in Kolkata focusing on Microsoft Power BI tool. This course will give an idea of what is Power BI, concepts of data modeling, creating reports and visualizations. It is easier to use images, charts or graphs to understand and visualize large amounts of complex data than to go through spreadsheets or reports. For example, take any image, we all know the phrase 'An image is worth a thousand words'. This is entirely true because they also contain a lot of data. It is simple to comprehend this data in visual form than reading the same facts in text form.

Microsoft’s Power BI is the most popular data visualization tool that transforms your data into rich visuals and is one of the most prominent data visualization software for the following points:

  1. Real-time spot trends: Traditional BI instruments such as Tableau or Qlikview limit you to historical analysis. You can access real-time information by using Power BI so that trends can be identified early. You can recognize problems and enhance efficiency by doing so.

  2. Automatically search for hidden insights: Quick Insights allows you to automatically search data sets with Power BI visuals for hidden insights in seconds. Users can simply ask questions, and with immediate effect Power BI Q&A will answer their questions.

  3. Custom visualizations: Power BI enables you to view data in almost every manner you can imagine with custom visuals. So you're not restricted to something in the box.

  4. Enterprise-ready: You can safely connect to your own on-site information sources with Power BI and Power BI Desktop. You can connect live to your SQL Server and other data sources with the On-premises Data Gateway. It provides safe, scalable and reliable information technology of enterprise-grade.

  5. Power BI enables colleagues and organizations to collaborate and share personalized dashboards and interactive reports easily and safely.

What Will You Get?

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Latest Technology and Tools

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