Basic Modules: Rs. 25, 000 + GST

Advanced (Basics + Additional Modules): Rs. 35, 000 + GST

This course helps to manage, estimate and evaluate marketing efficiency in order to increase productivity and optimize return on investments (ROI). A practical understanding of marketing analytics can help analysts create improved marketing strategies and reduce or make informed decisions regarding marketing expenditure.

Marketing analytics is indeed integral to the central business strategy for driving a company’s performance. With data being the new oil behind all businesses, analytical capabilities are a must for a career, even in entry-level marketing positions. This program by George Institute of Data Science will help you gain the skills to implement quantitative marketing techniques and see practical workplace benefits. With the best industry practices and approaches for developing marketing strategies based on data analytics, this powerful series builds your skills and knowledge.

Large and small organizations are bombarded with consumer choice data and the challenge is to know how to interpret data. In particular, marketers are increasingly expected to use analytics to notify and validate their decisions. This program provides you with the tools for measuring brand and customer assets, understanding regression analysis, and developing experiments to evaluate and optimize marketing campaigns. This marketing analytics course in Kolkata will provide you with a strong understanding of how predictive analytics can be used to forecast results and allocate resources systematically.

Why take this program?

  1. Marketing analytics helps you gain a detailed understanding of the customer and market trends which is truly important.

  2. The course allows you to gain market analysis to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance in order to maximize their efficiency and optimize investment return (ROI). By providing you with a clear picture of the efforts and returns, it allows you to illustrate easily which programs have worked and also explains the reasons why they have failed or even been successful.

  3. It can offer in-depth insights into customer preferences and trends beyond the obvious sales and lead generation applications, which can be further used for developing marketing strategies and business decisions.

  4. Moving to market search, keywords also make it possible to understand what the customers ' mindset is. Analytics helps you find keywords that can be easily used to optimize business processes through:

  • Customer surveys— By examining keyword frequency data, you can easily deduce the relative priorities of competing interests.

  • Industry trends — It becomes very easy to comprehend and predict trends in customer behavior

  • Product design — it is essential to understand what solutions a customer seeks. Keywords can make it easy to understand what the customer really wants

Learning Mode: Classroom 

Certification: George Institute of

Data Science


Marketing Analytics Basics: 62 Hours

Advanced (Basics + Additional Modules): 102 Hours

What will you get?

Industry Exposure

Application Oriented modules

Latest Technology and Tools

Interview Preparation

Placements Assistance

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