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Amazon India Using Artificial Intelligence to Develop Their Business

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

In the arena of Artificial Intelligence development, Amazon India has been holding a leading position as investor for the last 20 years. Deep learning and machine learning are a part of the heritage of Amazon. From capacity planning and forecasting to supply chain, everything is influenced by Machine Learning.

Amazon had initially built its business around cloud and ecommerce but is now charging itself towards becoming the topmost provider for AI as a service by building applications. Now the company is engaging in areas like cloud computing, retail and consumer technology not only in India but also worldwide.

Amazon is the second largest personnel is headquartered in India, with a count of 50,000 individuals and until last year, the company was wanting to add 1000 professionals for job roles related to data analytics, cloud computing division, AI&ML, automation, natural language processing, and R&D. News reports surfaced last year in August about the company’s job portal listing over 1,200 openings for software engineers in offices across India, Delhi, Bengaluru, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. Interestingly, the company is often on a lookout for android app developers to unravel India-specific issues to enhance the Amazon-app experience.

Amazon’s strategy is currently being used in the Indian Market with the company extending into totally different verticals like digital payments, AI&ML, Prime video and currently there’s news concerning Amazon contemplating a 100-crore investment in Acko General Insurance. Acko General Insurance may be a subsidiary of Acko Technologies and had additionally been engaged in discussions with Flipkart. Amazon additionally launched its global product Amazon Echo in India earlier last year and proclaimed plans to launch its audio-book and entertainment service – Audible in 2018.

Amazon’s AI bets and how the customers will be benefited

· Logistics: Using Artificial Intelligence to improve location finding

· Catalogue: improve quality by giving right product information

· Language: Using Alexa to make the shopping experience better

· Prediction: demand forecasting, suggest shoppers what to say

· Sellers: Fraud detection, predicting upcoming demand

How Amazon is strengthening its position in India with the help of AI & ML

Amazon has an enormous amount of customer data and has engineered a layer on technology to boost purchase expertise. Machine learning and Analytics don’t simply manage customer data, it’s Fulfilment Centres (FC) are also are equipped consequently, depicting what products are sold in which part of the country.

Amazon’s smooth management operations are backed by machine learning algorithms. The rapid deployment of machine learning within the planning business, like segmenting zip codes to induce a lot of granular details concerning the address. When it comes to delivery, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are reinforced to seek out the most effective route and time to deliver the package. Moreover, within the Fulfilment Centre, Machine Learning powers the methods that improve robotic selecting routes in our fulfilment centres.

Apart from delivery of product and from location-related uses of machine learning, Amazon is also using the technology in things such as standardizing fashion product sizes and making more relevant search results.

In the future, the firm is expected to introduce chatbots to respond to customer queries, automatize queries and answers on its platform and translate content into regional language.


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