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The Future Prospects of Artificial Intelligence

Technology is advancing at a rapid speed giving us more power than we had back in the nineties. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the main reasons of this breakthrough. The recent advancement in Artificial intelligence has sparked a debate worldwide. There has been a high demand of AI in India as well. George Institute of Data Science provides AI courses in Kolkata that train students and working professionals in the fields of Artificial intelligence as it is gradually becoming a critical part our daily lives. We use AI applications to interact with our phones and speakers through voice assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google assistant which in turn helps us with our basic tasks.

But AI is not just used through voice assistant or for automated devices; the world of AI is actually unbelievably large. Let’s take a glance at some of the evolutions of AI we can expect to see in the near future and how it can be used to solve the world’s problems.

Cyber security

The prospect of AI applications in cyber security will ensure restriction of hackers from causing cybercrime.

  1. Credit Card Fraud Detection: Through the years the increase of cybercrime has become an issue. One of the most common cybercrime is credit card fraudery. Though there are detection methods, it still failed to control hackers. Recurrent Neural Networks is an AI technique that can detect fraud in its initial stages. This detection method can scan thousands of transactions immediately and identity fraud, in turn saving a lot of time.

  2. Handling of security data: AI soft wares can go through huge volumes of security data in minutes and analyze the problems instantly which would have taken months for a human being to tackle.

  3. Helps cyber security teams: The security teams find it difficult to deal with the increased number of alerts that the traditional tools generate. But the capabilities of self-learning and automation empowered by AI can reduce costs and increase efficiency and ensure safety from terrorism and thefts.


Various transportation problems arise when it becomes difficult to predict the patterns of a system behaviour affected by traffic, accidents or human error. AI applications gather data to make predictable decisions and hence solve the unpredictability.

  1. Improvement of Public Safety: Real time tracking of crime data in urban areas to ensure safety of citizens travelling by public transportation and also helping police to effectively patrol and keep the citizens safe.

  2. Automated Vehicles: AI-enabled self driven cars and trucks have been introduced that reduce the amount of accidents on the highway.

  3. Traffic patterns: Traffic management through AI applications will allow an up-to-date traffic pattern with the help of real life tracking which will relatively reduce traffic congestion.


When it comes to health, the role artificial intelligence to advance outcomes is very captivating. Here are some potential AI applications in healthcare.

  1. AI-enabled Virtual Health Assistants (VHA) can proactively help patients in a number of ways. For one, VHA’s can help dementia patients stay on track with their prescribed medications by sending reminders

  2. Able to detect emotions and understand them to engage with patients

  3. AI applications incorporate Natural Language Processing, sentiment analysis, and concept mining into chat scripts

  4. Perform complex image recognition tasks to analyze photos, hand written notes and barcodes.

  5. Fast analyzing a person’s test reports (like blood pressure, ECG) helps provide predictive alerts regarding any major diseases that might occur to him quickly.

From few of the above AI applications, it is quite evident that AI can make our lives a lot easier and productive. The next question that comes in mind is about the career prospects in Artificial Intelligence.

Career Prospects in AI

Over the years, careers in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have had a high demand in India and all over the world. As a result, it increased the need of ML and AI courses as mentioned in the beginning that will lead to the Artificial Intelligence career path. Following are some of the career prospects of AI

· Data Scientist

· Machine Learning Engineer

· Business Intelligence developer

· Research Scientist

Multiple Institutes provide AI courses in Kolkata and all over India that graduate students and working professionals can take up in order to pursue the above careers.

The demand for AI certified professionals will keep growing along with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. Achieving a certificate in AI gives an advantage over other IT professionals because AI is the future of IT.


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